Guest Blog: To A Mouse - Reloaded

Our fellow Tobi has a special Burns' Night tradition. It involves a new post on his blog BarleyMania, a bottle of our Timorous Beastie blended malt Scotch whisky and a bit of creativity. Read his latest guest article to find out what it is!

On January 25, people all over the celebrate Burns Night to commemorate the birthday of Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns. Almost everybody has their own little ritual to pay homage to the crafty wordsmith’s memory. Some prepare and enjoy a traditional Scottish meal. Others raise a special dram in ol’ Rabbie’s honour. And yet again others chat and holler with friends whom they meet in person – or under the current circumstances – online. I have done all of that in the past; and more. Cause ever since I started my whisky blog BarleyMania five years ago, I have published a different kind of Burns' Night article on the 25th, namely a review for a Timorous Beastie whisky in the form of a poem.

-Tobi Piwek, Douglas Laing's Fellow

After all, the sweet, crunchy and fruity Highlands expression of The Remarkable Malts is based on Robert Burns’ heart-warming piece of poetry “To a mouse”. Plus, Timorous Beastie is the absolute favourite whisky brand of me and my wife Dini (who even has the whisky’s cute mascot tattooed on her ankle). As such big Beastie fans, we have all kinds of highly enjoyable get-togethers with that button-eyed wee fellow over the year – most recently on the Christmas days during which we enjoyed quite a few drams of Timorous Beastie 18yo “The Winter Edition”.


Yet, I especially cherish the preparation and execution of my little Burns Night ritual. It is just so much fun to compose a completely different set of tasting notes and, of course, sip a tasty dram of Timorous Beastie Highland Malt Scotch Whisky along with it! In 2021, I made the majestic 25 Years Old the subject of my little rhyming endeavour. Dini and I had cracked our bottle open a few months back during our wedding. With its elegant character, clear complexion and big flavours we found it to be the perfect serve for our guests and ourselves on such an extraordinary day.

And now, let us move on to my latest Beastie poem. If you enjoyed it, I would love for you to hop over to my blog and check out my previous liaisons with my mousy muse, too. Slainte, everybody, and have a splendid Burns' Night … hopefully with a good glass of Timorous Beastie by your side!


For twenty-five years,
This Beastie did dwell,
In a wooden cask,
That sheltered him well.

Outside the seasons,
Passed just as they should.
Inside our Beastie,
Slept peaceful and good.

He only woke up,
Every once in a while,
When his friend, the angel,
Popped in to say "hi".

They cherished these moments,
So rich and so rare,
And when they were done,
The angel left with his share.

Then the Beastie returned,
To his dream state so deep.
For still he was tired,
And needed more sleep.


Augustly golden,
Like the sun way up high,
Shining down on the glens,
From its throne in the sky.


It‘s brisk and it's bright,
With pastry and pears.
There's a baffling depth,
Brought forth by the years.


Ripe fruits dipped in honey –
Some yellow, some green.
Plus spice, oak and toffee,
And some clotted cream.


Most whiskies that old,
Don't leave all too fast.
'Tis true for our Beastie,
Whose finish does last.