Douglas Laing introduces Exclusive Old Particular ‘Red Wine Cask’ Collection

Douglas Laing & Co. today introduces their new Old Particular ‘Red Wine Cask’ collection with the release of an exclusive Tormore 13 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky finished in Tempranillo Red Wine casks.

Each pairing in this collection is said to have been “meticulously selected to enhance the inherent qualities of the chosen Malt Scotch Whisky, elevating the complexity and depth to introduce new and exciting taste experiences.”

The journey starts in Spain with this first release, using Tempranillo Red Wine Casks sourced from sunnier climates. The medium to full body of Tempranillo is said to “compliment the smooth texture of the Speyside Malt” and brings tasting notes of “sweet honey’d Malt, refreshingly ripe cherries, and juicy strawberries with lasting hints of leather, allspice and charred oak.”

Bottled at 48.4% alcohol strength and proudly without artificial colouring or chill filtration, this limited edition is expected to retail at £85.00 / €93.00.

Key Bottle Details:

• Finished in Tempranillo Red Wine Casks.

• Premium red wax dip finish.

• Bespoke design and showcased in a black bottle.

• Neck tag included with QR code to bottle tasting.

• 48.4% ABV.


Douglas Laing & Co. is a leading independent Scotch Whisky distillery, blender and bottler specialising in the selection and release of Single Cask Single and Small Batch Malt Scotch Whiskies.

The company was founded by Fred Douglas Laing in 1948 and is still owned and run by the Laing family – Fred Laing Jr and his daughter Cara Laing.

The company philosophy is to bottle the way the distiller intended – at a high strength and without chill filtration to preserve the robust and unique character of the Whisky.

Douglas Laing's industry reputation and many awards are a testament to this ethos. Douglas Laing’s Remarkable Regional Malts, the Ultimate Distillation of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Regions, encompasses The Epicurean Lowland Malt Scotch Whisky, Timorous Beastie (Highlands), Scallywag (Speyside), The Gauldrons (Campbeltown), Rock Island (Islands) and Big Peat (Islay).

Beyond its Blended Malts expertise, the award-winning Douglas Laing portfolio also includes Provenance, Premier Barrel, Old Particular, Xtra Old Particular, and XOP Black, collectively known as the firm’s “Exceptional Single Casks”.


Brand Manager: Scott Morrison / 0044 (0)141 333 9242