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  • Island Malt Scotch Whisky

    Rock Island

    The Ultimate Distillation of Scotland's Islands

    46.8% ABV · Maritime and Smoky

    An extraordinary encapsulation of the very best Single Malts distilled amongst others on the glorious islands of Islay, Arran, Jura and Orkney, Rock Island is a subtle, smoky and sweet celebration of the sea.

All About

Rock Island

  • Rock Island on the beach next to some seaweed
  • Tasting Notes

    Remarkably complex - salty and smoked, yet barley sweet

    • Arran
    • Jura
    • Orkney
    • Islay
    Nose Wave-soaked rocks and fresh, salty oceans
    Palate Sweet peat paralleled with smoke, honey, damp ash and late pepper
    Finish A long finish that replicates all that has gone before
  • An Extraordinary Maritime Malt

    Set Sail Around the Scottish Islands

    Step onto any of Scotland’s Whisky islands and you’ll first be struck by the apparent calm and tranquillity offered by island life. Delve a little deeper, though, and your heart will soar with the excitement and character of the Distilleries that call these islands home.

  • The Definitive Taste of the Whisky Isles

    As Natural As It Gets

    Proudly bottled at a high strength of 46.8% and offered without colouring or chill-filtration, Rock Island, a Blended 100% Malt, is produced in small batches by marrying together and highlighting some of the finest and most characterful aged Single Malts from Scotland’s esteemed Whisky islands.

  • Rock Island 10 Years Old

    Sail Away on the Dram of a Decade

    Scotland’s islands are famed not just for their somewhat unhurried way of life, but even more so for the remarkable Single Malts distilled there, bursting with the flavours of the sea. Rock Island 10 Years Old is a unique marriage of some of the finest of these Malts, artfully combined to create an inimitable maritime Malt, packed with sea-spray, gentle peat smoke and an undeniably moreish quality.

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More Ways to Enjoy

Rock Island

  • A Bloody Joseph next to a bottle of Rock Island with a bacon, prawn, celery and tomato garnish Suggested Serve

    Bloody Joseph

    Enjoy a brunchtime with more bite. Make your own Bloody Joseph by topping up a dram of Rock Island with a quality tomato juice, ideally served in a sling glass. Add a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt and pepper. Finish by adding as much hot sauce as you can handle!

  • Rock Island accompanied by some oysters upon newspaper Perfect Pairing


    Try spritzing your next platter of seafood with a mist of Rock Island. The salty, savoury flavours of the shellfish will draw out the sweetly peated, maritime notes of our Island Malt. You could say it is sensation-shell. 

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