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  • A bottle of 11 year old Provenance.
  • A Taste of Scotland


    Provenance Single Cask Single Malts offer an exceptional taste of the hugely varied and fascinating work of Scotland’s Whisky regions.

    Provenance marks the beginning of our Exceptional Single Casks journey, which encompasses four distinct, yet complementary ranges – Provenance, Premier Barrel, Old Particular and XOP (Xtra Old Particular). For Provenance, we bottle extraordinary Single Cask Single Malts from a vast range of Scotland’s Whisky Distilleries. Each bottling is offered to you “as natural as it gets” – at 46% alcohol strength or higher, and without colouring or chill-filtration.

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  • As Natural As It Gets

    The Way Whisky is Meant to Be

    Provenance is bottled exactly as the Distiller intended – at a high alcohol strength (of 46%), and without colouring or chill-filtering the spirit. The result is as close as some come to experiencing that rarest of pleasures, sampling a dram straight from its cask in the hallowed surroundings of a distillery warehouse.

  • A bottle of Provenance in the Woods
  • Regional Colour Differentiation

    From Speyside to Islay

    The region in which Malts are distilled can have a significant impact on the character of the spirit, and our regional colours illustrate those unique characteristics. For the Lowland region, grassy green depicts the light and herbal nature; for the Highlands, purple indicates the heathery profile; spicy red for Speyside illustrates the rich, often Sherried nature of the Whisky; and for Islay, sea-blue represents the maritime quality you can expect.

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  • A bottle of 10 year old Premier Barrel.
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    Premier Barrel

    Premier Barrel’s distinctively different and charmingly characterful ceramic decanter carries Single Cask Single Malts from throughout Scotland.

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