Cara Laing's Top Whiskies of 2018

This year, Douglas Laing & Co.’s Platinum Anniversary year has offered up plenty of reasons to drink plenty of Whisky - and Christmas is still to come!

Some Whiskies have been consumed as part of my work duties (approving casks or creating tasting notes), some during our anniversary celebrations and some just because!

So, what follows is a look back at my top Whiskies from what has been a very special, whirlwind year for us at Douglas Laing…

Yula II - 21 Years Old

1. Yula II – 21 Years Old

I brought in 2018 celebrating in a coastal town located in the East of Scotland. On the 1st, I enjoyed a dram of Yula II on the beach - it the ultimate setting to enjoy a maritime Malt. The backdrop of wild waves and gusty winds amplified Yula’s character of smoke, sweet spice, sea spray and charred oak.

Big Peat Feis Ile 2018

2. Big Peat Feis Ile 2018

It was an unusually hot and sunny summer in Glasgow this year and we made sure to make the most of it with endless barbecues. Despite the heat, Big Peat Feis Ile 2018 was my dram of choice - pairing perfectly alongside the barbecue smoke and charred meat!

The Epicurean

3. The Epicurean

In August, we welcomed many of our global distributors to Glasgow as part of our 70th anniversary celebrations. We hosted a gala dinner and in true party spirit served the Epicurean as our welcome drink to kick off festivities! The Lowland Blended Malt was served long in a refreshing Appleyard cocktail – a dram of the Epicurean, apple juice and a sprig of mint. It was a fitting way to begin a night that would leave me with many happy memories.

Old Particular Invergordon 30 Years Old

4. Old Particular Invergordon 30 Years Old

I have a sweet tooth (it’s a Laing family trait) - as such, I love a Single Grain and our Old Particular Invergordon 30 Years Old Single Cask Single Grain has been a real Whisky highlight of 2018. I tend to drink it straight up and savour the sweetly spiced palate of coconut macaroons and soft caramels. Simply delicious!

Scallywag Red Nosed Reindeer Edition 3

5. Scallywag Red Nosed Reindeer Edition 3

As the nights began to draw in, Whisky drinking season was truly upon us. For me, that calls for a Scallywag! Throughout autumn, it has been my evening dram of choice - I love drinking it neat but from time to time, I also enjoy it long with ginger-ale and a generous squeeze of lime juice. I’m saving my bottle of Scallywag Red Nosed Reindeer for Christmas Eve!

Top Whiskies of 2018 – Your Favourites

What have been your favourite Douglas Laing drams of 2018? Tell me over on Instagram or Tweet in to our handle @DLaingWhisky.