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Scotch Salvaged from the Sea

A boat that sunk in 1941 off the coast of Eriskay, a small Island in the Scottish Hebrides, was full of Whisky. Some of those bottles were salvaged from under the sea and used by us in a very special bottling...

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A Romantic Gem on the Edge of the Highlands

Our Fellow, Dr. Heinz Weinberger from Whisky-Connaisseur, has written this guest blog for us, giving us a brief insight into one of his favourite Scottish distilleries...

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Hair of the Dog

To celebrate National Puppy Day, we asked Fred Laing to write this blog about a dog friendly tasting he attended with the Laing family Scallywag, Cooper, last week...

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Women in Whisky

To honour International Women’s Day, we thought it would be fun to hear from some of our female team members about their perspective of working in the Whisky Industry…

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Dr. Heinz Weinberger has written this guest blog for us, giving us his impression of a Douglas Laing Master Class at last year’s InterWhisky Fair in Germany...

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Grain for the MaltClan

Chris Lauriers, a "Founding Father" of the MaltClan and Fellow, has written this blog post about his single cask selection for the annual MaltClan bottling...

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My Whisky Journey – Heinz Weinberger’s Story

Dr. Heinz Weinberger from Whisky-Connaisseur, has given us an insight into how he discovered his love for Scotch Whisky, deepened it and wanted to develop it into a new career...

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How a young Islay boy hit the BIG PEAT time

Our Director Fred Laing gives us the insider story on how Big Peat came about and how that led to the upcoming Vintage Series...

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Jan's Big Peat Sticky Ribs

Even though it is too cold to light the BBQ, you might still crave the memory of the summer. Here’s one that you can make indoors...

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Whisky Lover to Whisky Career - Greg Dillon's Story

Our Fellow, Greg Dillon of GreatDrams, has given us an insight into his story of making a love for Whisky into a career...

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