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Yula Island Malt Scotch Whisky

Inspired by the ancient Islay legend of a beautiful but tragic Norse goddess, Douglas Laing’s Yula is a trilogy series of Limited Edition Island Malt Scotch Whiskies. 


Tasting Notes For Yula Chapter 1: 20 Years Old

NOSE: Yula is clean and fresh, with an oceanic character.

PALATE: Sweet barley and peat smoke initially, building to charred wood, chimney soot and soft tones of tar, before reverting to its earlier, butterscotch sweetness.

FINISH: Burnt hues appear on the finish, with the introduction of soft camphor tones, coal dust and smoke.

Tasting Notes For Yula Chapter 2: 21 Years Old

NOSE: On the nose, catch an ozone clean style and sea spray with a later drift of gentle peat.

PALATE: The palate carries a real sweet, butterscotch’d quality ahead of a gristy, charred wood, BBQ, ash and softly-sooted character.

FINISH: Those tones are all as apparent on the finish, plus burnt, sweet toast, herbal cough-drops and the gentlest of phenols.


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An Ancient Norse Goddess

Islay legend tells of a beautiful Norse goddess Yula, who went in search of her long lost love with an apron full of stones. The stones fell out as she travelled, forming a string of islands and leaving behind a trail of her empty quest. For Yula never did find her love, but perished instead in the treacherous seas surrounding Islay, the last jewel shaped stone to fall from her apron. And it’s here on Islay, which in old Norse means “Yula’s Isle”, that our tragic heroine is buried, her final resting place marked by two standing stones which can still be seen to this day. Yula’s trilogy charts the spirit’s journey, not now over land and sea – but within the cask, where the magic of maturation transpires and the various elements are finally united in their own marriage.

No Attention to Detail Spared

Explore the handmade box that cares for Yula’s spirit and you’ll spot some of Islay’s most noteworthy landmarks woven into the intricate illustration. The round church, a notable building in Bowmore, Islay’s capital, and the 8th Century Kildalton Cross that still stands proudly on Islay today, both form Yula’s backdrop. A closer look and you’ll also spot beautifully drawn pot stills and casks, representing Yula’s distillation and maturation back in 1995. Much like the intricacies of the Whisky-making process, no attention to detail was spared in the creation of Yula’s stunning packaging.

A Tremendous Trilogy

The first edition in our Yula trilogy was released in 2015, when the spirit was aged 20 Years Old. Chapter two was then released in 2016, when the spirit had reached 21 Years Old. Cara, our Director of Whisky says: “This exciting trilogy of Island Malts tells a tale both in terms of the ancient legend of Yula but importantly also the spirit story. Distilled in 1995, we'll see this cask strength maritime Malt evolve with each annual release while retaining that distinct oceanic, island character. In Yula, we believe we've combined two of life's greatest pleasures – a charming tale and a great Whisky!”

Island Malt Scotch Whisky

Yula is a marriage of Malts from several of Scotland’s Whisky Islands. Islay Whisky accounts for a significant proportion of the blend, married together with Single Malts from other islands off the West coast of Scotland including Orkney, Skye and Mull to create Yula’s complex spirit, full of depth and character. A truly maritime Malt that we believe does Scotland’s Whisky islands proud.


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