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Speyside malt scotch whisky

Scallywag is a small batch bottling created using only the finest Speyside Malts including, amongst others, spirit distilled at Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes Distilleries. Bottled at 46% alcohol strength and proudly non chill-filtered, Scallywag embodies all that is Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky - beautifully sherried, richly spiced and truly charming. Spanish sherry butts care for this spirit as it matures, naturally imparting the distinctly dark, rich colour. Inspired by a long line of Douglas Laing family Fox Terriers, the Scallywag name and endearing canine character are most fitting for this richly spiced and deliciously sweet Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky. 


Tasting Notes

NOSE: Rich spices and delicious vanilla.

PALATE: Layer on layer of sweet stewed fruit, Christmas pudding and dark chocolate infused with nutmeg and cinnamon.

FINISH: A burst of zesty orange with sweet tobacco, cocoa and fruit cake.



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Speyside Whisky

The Speyside region is home to over half of Scotland’s Malt Whisky distilleries, more than Islay, the Highlands, the Lowlands and Campbeltown combined. Its rich, wet landscape creates a ripe environment for distilling and maturing Whisky, and Malt Whiskies produced in the Speyside region are typically sweet, sherried and elegant in character.

Scallywag Cask Strength

Our original Scallywag launched in November 2013 with resounding success. Not content with letting sleeping dogs lie, we launched its super-powered partner in crime: Scallywag Cask Strength in June 2015. At 53.6% ABV, it’s a particularly complex, powerful dram that heightens the richly spiced character of the original “top dog”.

This limited edition bottling is created using only the finest Speyside Malts including, amongst others, Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes, and only 1,000 cases are available globally. The unique packaging features a rather startled Scallywag, his ears pricked and his monocle blasted off having just experienced his cask strength namesake for the first time.

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Scallywag Manhattan

Mix 25ml Scallywag Speyside Malt with 15ml Sweet Vermouth to create a sweetly spiced Scallywag Manhattan.

1. Prepare your serving glass by filling it with ice, and fill a mixing glass with ice cubes.

2. Add Scallywag & Sweet Vermouth into the mixing glass and stir well until combined.

3. Discard the ice from the serving glass and strain your cocktail into the chilled glass.

Scallywag and Dark Chocolate

Try Scallywag with a chunk of good quality dark chocolate. Chew the chocolate, then sip your dram – you’ll find the deliciously sweet, winter spice notes of the liquid are complemented beautifully by the bitter chocolate.


You'll find Scallywag on Facebook where Cooper, the Laing family Fox Terrier, is often photographed getting up to no good. If you'd like to see your own wee Scallywag featured on our page, email pics to info@douglaslaing.com.

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