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Old Particular

Naturally special

Douglas Laing’s Old Particular is a particularly unique series of individually hand-selected aged Single Cask Malts from all over Scotland. Each is bottled exactly the way the distiller intended: without colouring, or chill-filtration, thus allowing the cask and the naturally present oils, fats and enzymes in the spirit to make their own special contribution to its nose, mouthfeel, palate and finish. The result is as close as some come to experiencing that rarest of pleasures – sampling a dram straight from its cask in the hallowed surroundings of a distillery warehouse.


Alcohol Strength

After much deliberation, tasting and analysis, we chose to bottle Old Particular at three different alcohol strengths. Some rarities are bottled at natural cask strength, and thereafter at 48.4% for bottlings aged up to 18 years old. For whiskies aged 19 years or older, we bottle at 51.5% alcohol by volume and allow the spirit to speak for itself.

Consortium Of Cards Collection

Our Old Particular Consortium of Cards Collection is a series of four limited edition Single Cask releases, beginning with the “Queen of the Hebrides”; an Old Particular Laphroaig 18 Years Old.

Old Particular Single Grains

Single Grain Scotch Whiskies are bursting with a natural sweetness, a variety of wonderful spices mixed with Muscovado, Demerara and crunched white sugars.

Discover more about our Old Particular Single Grain Scotch Whiskies...


Old Particular bottlings from Islay are identified by a maritime sea-blue, bringing to life the crashing waves of Islay’s shore. You’ll see Bunnahabhain, Bowmore and Laphroaig expressions, amongst the many others proudly displaying the signature Islay blue band. View the range.


Lowland expressions, including those distilled at Auchentoshan and Bladnoch, can be identified by a grassy green that’s indicative of the Lowland landscape. View the range.


Heather purple depicts the hills of the Highlands, with Glen Garioch, Highland Park and Clynelish single malts among our range of Highland bottlings. View the range.


The typically sweet, sherried nature of Speyside whiskies is brought alive by a spicy red band, found on Mortlach, Aberlour, Craigellachie and Benrinnes expressions, to name but a few. View the range.


For those who like to know that little bit more about their whiskies, Old Particular’s information-rich label will satisfy your thirst. From the month and date of distillation, to the number of bottles produced, and even a cask reference number, you’ll have every ounce of info you could ever hope to know.

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