Douglas Laing’s Scallywag and Big Peat have joined forces with The Roasting Project to create the ultimate pick me up beverage!

Douglas Laing’s fun-loving Fox Terrier and feisty Islay character have partnered up with specialty coffee roasters, The Roasting Project. Together we have produced two deliciously exclusive batches of Whisky Cask coffee.  

Scallywag’s Bark Roast was made using the finest Colombian green beans, perfectly complimenting the indulgent flavours of Scallywag. You can expect juicy fruits, decadent dark chocolate, subtle spice and smooth vanilla. 

For Big Peat’s Big Roast, Ethiopian green beans were used to retain the bold, smoky/peaty flavours synonymous with Big Peat. One sip and you’re transported to the sandy shores of Islay, giving you the ultimate beach bonfire experience.  

The collaboration with The Roasting Project has been an exciting venture for the Douglas Laing team. With a shared passion and purpose for providing genuinely Small Batch, Scottish made, quality beverages, this partnership couldn’t have been more suited… and the coffee proves just that! 

Scott Morrison, Scallywag’s Brand Manager commented: 

“At Douglas Laing, we love to think outside the box so naturally working with others who share our passion allows us to get creative and innovate continuously. The Roasting Project, a fellow Scottish company, operate using quality ingredients for their small batch production process, much like Douglas Laing. The new coffee offering is of the utmost quality and is something we can’t wait for people to try. The team at The Roasting Project are incredibly skilled and passionate and have been a real pleasure to work with and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds.” 

Jade Paterson, The Roasting Project Brand Ambassador commented: 

“Working with Douglas Laing has been incredible, the passion they have for their products match us so well. From a day in the Whisky Sample Room to sharing our V60 brews – we have such an amazing journey to tell, and I hope it never ends”. 

Clare Taylor, The Roasting Project, Head of Coffee commented: 

“Loving both coffee and whisky and knowing how well they marry together is a true passion project for us at TRP. It all started with having an interest in flavours and how they integrate and highlight each other’s qualities. Finding the right green [raw] coffee, resting in the cask for weeks and finally the roast can be quite risky. However, the risk absolutely paid off and we have two coffees that are completely complimentary to the flavours Big Peat and Scallywag have and we’re buzzing with the end result!”  

The coffee is available to buy from the Roasting Project’s website and their coffee house in Burntisland. Packaged in luxury branded resealable bags and available in beans or ground.