Premium Blended (aka Vatted) Malt from just two distilleries...

Introduced initially as a Macallan-Laphroaig bottling from selected Single Casks of each, we have continued the process with very specially selected Single Casks from different distilleries.

An intriguing and distinctly fun process, we regularly sample and approve different casks then marry / vat them with different distillery Malts.  That process has developed to a point where we are also offering Ardbeg / Glen Rothes and Bowmore / Highland Park ‘fusions’ to name but a few.

Whether you call this a Vatted Malt or a Blend of Malts – we have brought together in each of these Double Barrel selections some truly individual and unique character of nose, palate and finish, all left unchill filtered at 46% strength.



Double Barrel Vatted Malt




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